Angelic Nguyen has 30 years experience as a silk painting artist, embroidery instructor, designer and is currently a graphic artist at the San Jose Mercury News. She grew up with orchids and tropical flowers around her hometown near Saigon, Vietnam; where the Vandas, Phalanopsis, and Paphiopedilums grow crazy in the rain forest . Orchids, her passion, showed up in her paintings, dresses, pictures and designs… She spent many years exploring how to put the orchids’ soul in her artwork.

They first started with some Cattleyas and Phalanopsis inside their house. Dave built a little greenhouse for her 38th birthday gift. Angelic took good care of her orchids and her collection quickly expanded. Her first Vanda, Princess Mikasa Blue, bloomed about 3 months after she got the greenhouse. She learned how to grow different kind of orchids and the greenhouse, now five times its original size, is almost full with a thousand Laelias, Cattleyas (her favorite), Phalanopsis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Paphs, Phrags, Lycastes, Bublephylums, Vandas, hybrids and species…

Angelic got serious with Cymbidiums when she didn’t have any more room in the greenhouse, and carefully choosing plants to grow, she ended up with about thousand Cymbidiums—standard, pendulous and peloric. Dave and Nikita (Angelic’s son) helped with most of the building, dividing, potting her orchids. Finally, Angelic and Nikita have been playing around with hybridizing, mixing color on some of their Cymbidiums and Laelias, and now they have to make some more room for their seedlings ready to pop out from the flasks. Angelic, Dave, and Nikita enjoy finding different orchid blooming in their garden everyday.

Angelic and Dave are working together to set up a design and printing shop at their house. They have produced many postcards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and newsletters and are involved in many activities to help Orchids Societies around the Bay Area improve in different ways. Recently she is also being an Art Director for the Cymbidium Society of America Journal, this magazine go from America to Australia, Japan, Newzealand and around the World.

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